A Realistic Realty Website in Chennai to Buy & Sell Land, Invest on Plots, Regularize Land


Your Family Realtor

Rajamataangi as a well-established Realty company in Chennai is ruling the market for 10+ years with solid expertise, understanding the trends and developments of the industry, which now progresses as ‘Landbazzar’, the One Stop Solution for all the land needs. Landbazzar is an up-and-coming and revolutionary platform to resolve all your land concerns in Chennai. Our Major Services include Selling and Buying of lands / plots / flats / properties in and around Chennai. Apart from these flagship services, we also provide Services on Investment on Plot, Easy earning through Referral and Land Regularization.

Landbazzar has a strong influence in the industry in Chennai handling 10000+ Clients, 8000+ referrals, Selling 50+ layouts and maintaining ‘Happy and Satisfying Customers’.

Our Services

  • Selling
  • Buying
  • Investment on Plots
  • Easy Earning
  • Land Regularization

Our Values

  • Owner to Owner Dealings
  • Hassle-Free lands/Properties
  • No brokerage fraudulences
  • Conduct direct walkthroughs
  • Advice exact market trends & conditions
  • Throughout solution

Our Vision

With Futuristic goals, we at Landbazzar want to create a market that is free from brokerage fraudulences of the industry and to serve with transparency and credibility to ease the struggles of sellers and buyers. Thus Landbazzar helps you as ‘The Best Real Estate Advisors’ that solves all your land related needs and concerns.

Our Mission

Mission of Landbazzar is to bring a change that provides simplified and credible realtor service in Chennai locality for Sellers and Buyers of the industry facilitating owner-to-owner dealings with genuineness and non-fraudulence. Thus Landbazzar aims at serving you as ‘Your Family Realtor. Believe that once you approach us, even for the next time, you will seek our service and also, you will refer your kith and kin to get serviced from us based on our values and authenticity.